Revenue Capture

Where a local authority does not currently collect parking payments, the near future offers a number of options. Pay and Display Machines This method is tried and tested and understood […]

Surveys & Data Analysis

There is enormous scope to do a lot with the existing and readily available data provided by ticketing machines and entry/exit counts. Where greater insight into behavioural choices is needed […]

Parking Futures

There are trends with technology that may also improve the efficiency of parking sites in the town. In particular, the emerging technology that enables cars to self-park without a driver […]

Supporting the High Street

The Future of the High Street At the end of February this year the British Retail Consortium issued its report “Retail 2020: Fewer but better jobs” (BRC, 2016). The study […]

Town Centre Regeneration

Many towns and cities have set out ambitious and exciting visions to reform the shape and appeal of their central area. These plans include redeveloping land to improve the retail […]

The Competition for Kerbspace

On-Street Parking in Residential Areas In inner city residential streets residents, commuters and visitors may compete for the available kerbspace to park their vehicles. It is not unusual for the […]

Parking Strategies

When we consider a parking strategy there are a range of options and choices that we make that influence the kind of place we create. How people experience shops. Do […]