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Parking Perspectives was formed in 2017 to provide enquiring and strategic advice to clients on issues of parking strategy, policy and pricing. Often our clients are not specifically seeking a parking solution, but recognise that parking may be a key consideration in achieving their wider ambitions.
We provide guidance for town centre regeneration, support and assurance on parking demand, capacity and need, for those considering bringing car parks forward for development. We can quantify demand, interpret current use and review how existing policies and concessions may be influencing parking behaviour and overall demand.
We work to shape policies and challenge assumed norms on car ownership, the responsibilities for storing vehicles when they are not in use and in particular in central areas with high levels of demand for on-street parking, work with authorities to develop rule-sets to assist a more consistent and transparent reasoned method for allocating a finite parking capacity resource. We advise on parking tariffs.
We can present different models to determine the extent to which parking should be charged for and whether the charge should fall to the users or other beneficiaries; how much any charge should be and why.
We draw on recent ideas and research from the academic world, conference and journals. We are active in exploring and examining what other jurisdictions around the world are doing to change how parking and use our links with other practitioners across the globe to follow contemporary thought and develop our own approach to creating suitable parking policy for our clients’ needs.
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