Park & Ride Strategy for the Turku Region

Turku is a city in western Finland with a large hinterland and high levels of car access to the city centre. As part of the strategic growth plan, the region and fifteen municipalities in the region are examining the role that park and ride could play in supporting their longer-term ambitions.

Parking Perspectives provided specialist advice to develop the rationale and the options available for the park and ride concepts. A key part of this process has been to set out delivery options and different forms of park and ride other than solely an edge of town dedicated bus-based model.

A Methodological Approach

The work included gathering examples of alternative models of delivery in the UK and creating generic park and ride models for consideration for the region. These included examination of the methods of access to the park and ride and the attractiveness of it as an option to other travel modes.

Financial sustainability

Considerations of financial viability to maintain systems drew on the UK experiences. The suitability of options to deliver a good environmental solution were considered as well as setting out which models best serve other objectives for the municipalities, including improving the access by cycle.

Discussion Paper and Workshop

Initial examination work was formulated into a discussion paper with the client and then further strategies for generating the right cohesion between stakeholders in preparation for a workshop held in Turku.

Client: Regional Council of South West Finland

Transport Study