Parking Stress Recommendations for the London Borough of Croydon

Increasing numbers of residents, jobs, as well as the enhanced retail, cultural, leisure and entertainment activities in Croydon, are having an impact upon the demand for on-street parking. This is creating significant, and increasing stress.

Strategic Steps

Parking Perspectives set out a strategic programme of measures to provide a progressive and managed approach for the Borough to manage down those stresses and re-establish a suitable level of parking demand for the on-street space available.

The strategic programme consisted of steps to:

Furthermore the report drew on evidence generated from an extensive survey programme undertaken for the Borough to target those measures to address the particular issues presenting or expected in different parts of the borough.
Overnight Stress characteristic of a situation that the number of Residents’ Permits Issued is excessive for the kerb space available.
Weekend Stress from residential use and particular leisure attractors.
Overspill from those unable to park in the streets within the controlled zone.
Daytime Stress from residual residential parking and demand created by visitors, shoppers and those doing business in the area
Land Use Conflict identified where multiple uses create pinpoint demand at the same time

Enabling Activities for the Future

The Recommendations Report included a number of ideas for the future management of the Central Croydon Controlled Parking Zone. These activities utilised recent legislation and/or emerging technologies and included Workplace Parking, performance pricing, personalised permits and supply bridging to enable and support reduced car ownership and use.

Parking Standards