Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey, Parking Management Plan

Site Inventory & Use

Parking demand on the hospital campus regularly exceeds available capacity resulting in staff and visitor frustration and significant difficulties for users.

Parking Perspectives delivered a full audit of the numbers and designation of the parking bays across the hospital site and executed a survey programme of hospital users that generated trip interviews with over 1,000 people in one day.


The recommendations have included a significant change to the number of bays allocated between staff, key staff, visitors, Blue Badge and other uses (loading, short stay, estate vehicles etc) based on an assessment of need. The new distribution consolidates use to improve management and reduce the likelihood that hospital visitors are unable to park first time by reducing the need to hunt across multiple locations to find available parking. The study also included an assessment of hospital overspill parking in nearby unrestricted residential streets. It identified a number of parking abuses on-site and generated suggestions to release existing parking capacity at peak times. Recommendations were finalised following a stakeholder workshop at the hospital.

Railway Parking