St Helier Beat Surveys: Cheapside Residential Parking Zone

During 2023 Parking Perspectives provided a study to explore the implication of the removal of parking bays in a residential parking area.

The project involved the monitoring and mapping of the parking bay usage. This involved developing a detailed map of the parking locations, the different parking bay types (residential bay, unloading bay, etc) and an effective route to cover all relevant areas at a minimal distance and time.

Surveying involved recording the permits being used and the last 3 digits of the vehicle’s registration. The permit data gave an insight into the level of compliance with parking rules in the area. Whilst recording part of the registration allows the assessment of the length of stay of each vehicle.

Beats took place from 11:00 am to 23:00 pm.

Using the beats data, the occupancy of the parking locations throughout the day was mapped. These maps were used to suggest the location and quantity of available capacity should parking bays be removed.

The maps were used in assessing how available capacity is distributed throughout the day. The maps indicate under-utilised parking locations that may accommodate some of the vehicles that shall be displaced.

The study provided conclusions on the parking behaviour in the area and the issues it may cause. It also gave recommendations on how to deal the challenges that may arise.


Dashboard to examine parking area’s capacity. Parkers with a permit (red); parkers without a permit (pink) and the surplus of parking bays (green)