Imperial NHS Trust, Parking Circulation & Control System

Site Inventory & Use

Imperial College Healthcare Trust consists of three hospitals at separate sites in West London.

The sites are constrained. Current demand for staff and public parking exceeds available supply. Moreover, some areas are used by a mix of public, staff and service vehicles.


Management Options

Parking Perspectives provided recommendations on the choice of a comprehensive upgrade to existing parking systems and resourcing plan to effectively manage the parking across the three sites.

The work included an examination of options that consisted of an evaluation against objectives, capital and revenue costs and expected impact on parking revenue recovered.


Operational Procurement

The work provided a procurement model for the operation, presented a staff template and justification of additional expense.

Car park allocations were revised and recommendations proposed to change circulation to improve barrier siting, remove potential restrictions to flow for emergency vehicles and to support a single point of remote control of the locations with multiple use and deliveries.



The project took 5 months. The Parking Control System Plan was delivered in Oct 2022.


University Hospitals Dorset NHS Trust – Parking Operations