University Hospitals Dorset NHS Trust – Parking Operations

Multiple Sites under one Trust

The University Hospitals Dorset NHS Trust was formed in October 2020 from the three hospital sites at Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. As part of the Board’s strategic aim to provide an integrated and coherent service, Parking Perspectives were engaged to advise on suitable steps to provide an integrated parking system across all sites.

Efficient Approach to Parking

In particular the review was to provide a recommendation on a consistent and efficient approach to parking management across the Trust. Whereas the parking operations at Bournemouth and Christchurch were out-sourced, the operation at Poole was provided in-house as part of the site security team.


Recommendations examined the pros and cons in terms of cost, quality of service and enforcement between different operational models. Of note was a costed model that included the concentration of specific tasks onto single sites, re-deployment of existing skills and the provision of a more resilient parking management structure.

The recommendations provided better separation between strategic and operational outcomes such that the team had adequate headroom to deliver some of the longer term sustainable travel change required by the  Trust.

The project took 3 months. The Parking Operations Plan was delivered in March 2022

University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust Parking Review