University of Oxford Central Area Parking Demand Review

During 2018 Parking Perspectives provided the technical lead for a study to explore options to reduce car parking capacity in the central area of the University of Oxford.

The programme was predicated on promoting a new way of using the limited space and extent that it was used for parking cars. The University are looking to introduce more communal greenspace for student and staff outdoor use, better walk routes and cycle parking. The area is also subject to plans to increase the number and size of buildings for faculty use.

The project included development of an analysis tool to visualise the impact of different policies on the extent of staff parking reduction.

The tool assessed how different policies affecting the eligibility for parking would impact availability in absolute terms and at different sites across the campus.

Options included increased investment and opportunity for workers to access the site using bus and the extant park and ride service.

The study involved consultation with Faculty and users that considered questions of value, equity and opportunity. Five options were explored and developed into a set of policies that were reasoned and defensible.

The study lasted four months

Hospital Parking

Project included development of a dashboard tool to examine eligibility policies for Central Area parking by staff.