Workplace Parking Levy and Licensing for Colchester


One of the key issues affecting the successful implementation of the Colchester Borough Council parking strategy was the low parking tariffs offered by significant third party operators in the town centre.

As part of the plan to deliver its strategic objectives of reducing car journeys into the town centre and encouraging drivers to consider other options more favourably, the Council wished to increase the tariff for long stay parking.

The low-cost and plentiful parking provided by commercial operators meant that the Council could not ensure a coherent and consistent approach to pricing across the town. The lack of control of all pricing was undermining the Council’s approach.

Licensing Third Party Operators

Parking Perspectives undertook a review of the potential of existing legislation that could support Colchester Borough Council address this issue, by granting them powers to licence third party operators providing parking within given geographical area. The review considered applications to date elsewhere and how the legislation might be applied in Colchester. It set out what could be expected as a result, potential revenue and commercial impacts and an action plan of the steps that would be necessary for implementation. This action plan included a realistic assessment of the potential risks and difficulties faced by the borough, along with a recommended approach.


The final report was presented to members of Colchester Borough Council such that they would have sufficient information to consider whether licensing would be worthwhile for further investigation.

A review of legislative opportunities to control the tariff of third-party car parks through a licencing scheme.