Workplace Parking Levy for Colchester


In response to its declaration of a Climate Emergency, Colchester Borough Council produced a parking strategy in 2019 with an objective of reducing peak hour congestion in the town centre and encouraging drivers to use other modes or its Park Active initiative.

Parking Perspectives undertook a review of the potential of the Workplace Parking Levy Act and supporting regulations as part of an investigation of options that could support Colchester Borough Council deliver the strategy.

Scope of a Workplace Parking Levy

The workplace parking levy would be applied as a separate and specific charge upon the owner or occupier controlling parking places within a defined area. The intention is to cause a reduction in parking places and/or for the charges to be passed on the end-users – thereby increasing the prevailing cost of parking for those often travelling at peak times.

Furthermore, the levy would generate revenue for the Council that could be used to support other initiatives.

Assessing the Reality of a Workplace Parking Levy for Colchester

The report generated was to inform councillors of the potential merit of the levy for Colchester town. In setting out the potential impacts to Colchester, references included evaluation of the outcomes of similar schemes in the Australian cities of Sydney, Perth and Melbourne, along with Nottingham in the UK. A suggested area of application was presented, with an estimate of the revenue potential of the levy that could be expected. The report included an action plan of the steps that would be necessary for implementation. This included a realistic assessment of the costs, resource requirements, delivery timescale, potential risks and the not insignificant political difficulties faced by the borough, should it proceed.


The final report was presented to members of Colchester Borough Council such that they would have sufficient information to consider whether a levy was worthwhile for further investigation.

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A review of legislative opportunities to apply a workplace levy or otherwise control the tariff of third-party car parks through a licensing scheme.